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The Levitation Crane


Software KEPTrainOverhead travelling crane - Click to enlarge Both of the relatively well known synchronous and asynchronous, long or short linear motors are suitable as drive systems. Through the pull or push of the magnetic fields of the primary or secondary units that are employed, it is possible to carry, traverse and guide the crane, the trolleys, head assemblies or running gear of the chain hoists and cable winches.

Conceivable is also the employment of permanent magnets and a combination from existing magnetic levitation systems such as the so called trivalent system.

Software KEPTrainUnderhung crane -
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For increased stability there is also an additional wheel guide and/or sliding rail available. This solution is necessary especially in the current fed systems for emergency operation and shutting down procedures.

The advantages being exploited lay in the reduced wear and frictional power loss as well as the increased acceleration, higher speeds and greater stopping power in comparison with the conventional wheel and track systems. Through the omission of mechanical components in the drive system and the either partial or complete contact free process, the crane, trolley, head assembly or running gear of the chain hoists and cable winches employed in the working process benefit from the resulting reduction in maintenance and repair work. A force introduced equally over a larger area as opposed to a linear axis as in the case of wheel and track combinations, provides better damping response, reduced lateral forces and lower dynamic loading as further positive properties effecting the running gear and construction in general.

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