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Central Junction & Line- or Central Junction & Circular Networks

According to the quantity requirements for the post and the destinations, the various KEP-Trains of the transportation system are running overnight from 20:00 hours to 06:00 hours on the main and circle lines.

Hub&Line NetzstrukturCentral junction & Line Network structure
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The research work is concentrated on the German market. Central junction & Line-, Central junction & circular- and their additional networks are analysed and compared for suitability in such a transport system in respect to the number of routes, the direction followed by the route and the number of possible stopping points along the route.

Kassel was decided as the ideal central junction and distribution handling point for this network. The routes have been calculated based on the relevant track network and starting out from the main rail network of DB Network AG.

Hub&Ring NetzstrukturCentral junction & circular Network structure
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Using various selection criterion such as the areas covered, encumbrance on the infrastructure at the junction points or the fulfilment of the 10 hour main run time schedule there is a Central junction & line structure consisting of four main lines and one Central junction & circular system made up by three circle lines and an additional two main lines and two circle lines is proven to be the preferred model network.

In the case of low post requirements the Central junction & circular network offers the best compromise with regard to the area covered and cost factors.

In the case of medium to high post requirements, the two other alternatives offer the best results. A prerequisite is that on each line or each ring there are two KEP-Trains running in opposite directions.

All the KEP-Trains meet at the central junction point around 01:00 hours.

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