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Transportation Short Falls Combined with Environmental Studies


At present, the most hotly discussed subject concerned with goods transport is the satellite supported toll system for heavy goods vehicles over 12 t on federal motorways. These measures have on one side, the aim to finance necessary transport projects and also to revive the national budget.

On the other side, the more ecologically friendly transportation methods such as rail and the inland waterways must become more competitive. There still however remains the basic question whether or not a market impediment directed at one transport method through increased costs and taxes is the right way into the future.

Regardless of the toll or motorway markers and other significant trends, there remains the danger of a road transport short fall being provoked without any consideration to the possible alternatives or side effects. Also observed is the increasing proportion of goods that are time limited and also the growing number of smaller deliveries.

The result of these developments is the over proportional increase in smaller transport vehicles on the roads that are not included in the toll system and at present pay no additional duties.

Especially the transport that has time limitations, in particular the currier, express, packet and post carriers make up a large proportion of the increased traffic on the roads and the associated effects on the environment, accident statistics and noise pollution.

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