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Wheel and Track Combinations Cause Wear


Common travel gear for cranes, trolleys, head assemblies and running gear in chain hoists and winches are the wheel and track/guide combination as a bearing and guiding system. In most cases an electric drive system is used but also pneumatic and hydraulic drive systems are not uncommon.

Regardless of the type of drive system, the wheel and track combination is marked by various disadvantages. These include the wear and friction losses caused by the alteration of electrical energy into travel and a rotational force into a linear force as well as the frictional power loss along the drive system e.g. in gear units and bearings.

The linear profile of vertical axial forces over the wheel produces a high dynamic load on the wheel, the track, the rails and the sub assembly.

The guide systems such as flanged wheels and roller guides allow defined wear and friction points of the trolleys, head assemblies or running gear of the chain hoists or cable winches to occur. The result is increased lateral forces and therefore accordingly higher horizontal load to the hoisting and conveying construction in the guides, the tracks, the rails and the support construction.

The loads mentioned will cause undesirable wear to the running wheels, guide rollers, tracks and rails.

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