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Welding Supervision

Inspection of production methods and supervision of construction sites or projects in the fields of:

  • General welding technology

  • Railed vehicle construction

  • Pressure and holding vessels

  • Plant and machinery construction

  • Steel fabrication

  • Materials handling engineering

According to the arrangement with the customer we will also perform the following services:

  • Advice on production methods, materials and the required safety measures

  • Providing the necessary inspection systems

  • Inspection

  • of construction plans and production procedures

  • the required and necessary staff/employee qualifications

  • of production methods

  • of inspection methods (destructive or non destructive testing)

  • of production concerns

  • of materials

  • Project related supervision of the production, assembly or dismantling status reports

  • General project management

  • Welding, technology systems and working method inspection reports

  • Aptitude and suitability testing

  • Damage inspection and official report preparation

  • Destructive and non destructive material testing

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